Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Register My Gear and registering with the Manufacturer?

When you register your property with the Manufacturer, this in regards to the product’s warranty only.  The Manufacturer has nothing to do with your item being lost or stolen.  In most cases, the Manufacturer won’t even be able to provide you the serial number of the product you’ve registered with them should it be lost or stolen.

Register My Gear provides the benefit of safely storing all your valuable item details in one convenient location.  Should any registered item go missing or get stolen, you can simply login to the App and not only retrieve the information to make a Police Report or file an insurance claim, but also mark the item as lost/stolen so in the event it’s located it can be returned to you.  Registering your item directly with the Manufacturer provides none of these benefits.

What does it cost to use Register My Gear?

Register My Gear is completely FREE to use and we have no intention of ever changing that!

If it’s FREE how does Register My Gear make money?

Register My Gear is able to provide the service FREE to users by monetizing the site thru advertising.

What happens if I sell my [bike, laptop, cell phone, etc.]?

Through the App you can easily and quickly transfer ownership to the new owner.

What about my privacy?

Your personal information is not publicly accessible and neither are your property details.  For admins, employment with law enforcement is verified, protecting any sensitive details.  Access to the database for officers is necessary in order for them to confirm property ownership, lost/stolen property status, and in order to contact you to arrange return of the property to you.

You can also view full details of our privacy policy here.

What if my local police department doesn’t use Register My Gear?

Register My Gear is already in use by law enforcement throughout the country; however, once you sign-up for Register My Gear we confirm your local agency knows about our service and ask them to sign-up as well ensuring that your local agency does use our service.  It is FREE for law enforcement to use our service as well!

What types of property can I register?

Currently, our system allows the registration of Cell Phones, Bicycles, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, and Firearms.  These are some of the most commonly stolen property in our experience.  We are continually working to add more property categories.  Feel free to email us with any suggestions: [email protected]

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