Mission Statement


ur mission is to help reduce the millions of items of personal property that are lost or stolen each and every year. We created a free website and database for every member of the public to create an account and register their property at no cost. A place to securely and safely record serial numbers of all their prized items, cell phones, tablets, computers, bikes and more. Any piece of property with a serial number can be registered. So if the worst should happen, you have the right information for both the police and your insurance company to aid in its recovery and prosecution of the thief.

On the flip side of our database, we created a search capability for local law enforcement personnel. Should an officer find a piece of property, by being able to search the serial number, the officer can help get that item back to you, as well as potentially prosecute the thief who stole it.

A Few Facts for Thought


According to the FBI, 1.5 Million bicycles are stolen in the US EACH YEAR!

Cell Phones

According to the National Research Center, 3.1 Million Cell Phones were stolen in 2013, and 1.4 Million were lost in the US.


According to the Bureau of Justice, 1.4 Million Firearms were also stolen in the US

About Us

Two current serving police officers from the State of Colorado were frustrated with finding property both lost and stolen and not knowing the owner to return the property. Even property we were 99% sure was stolen, we had no way to prove it was stolen because we didn’t know the rightful owner. The property was either given back to the thief, or at most seized only to sit in found property lockers for months on end, ultimately being sold at public auction to the highest bidder.  This is unacceptable.

We initially thought of simply utilizing a spreadsheet to store data locally, but quickly realized we needed something more powerful, something us and our colleagues could easily access out on the street.  The model quickly grew from locally-focused to a nationally-based system to enable everyone the ability to benefit from it.

We are passionate about being police officers, that’s why we do it. We want everyone across the country to participate in this database and benefit from it. We want law enforcement to be able to return your valuables to you, quickly and easily. In addition, we want thieves to think twice before taking your item, knowing it will be identified and they will have to face the consequences.

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