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Reuniting you with your Lost or Stolen Property with a single national database, that’s entirely free to use.

5 great reasons

To Register Your Gear

Get Your Property Back

By registering your property you will drastically increase the chances of getting your stolen property back

Registering is Fast & Easy

Simply create a free account and start entering your property details immediately

Our service is completely free

Unlike other property registration websites we charge nothing to register your property – the entire system is free

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

You may qualify for a discount on your insurance premiums by registering your property

Help Put an End to Property Crime

The more people that register their property the more difficult it will be for criminals to continue stealing property

A Few Facts For Thought


In 2016, there were an estimated 5,638,455 larceny-thefts nationwide, according to the FBI.


According to the FBI, 1.5 Million bicycles are stolen in the
United States EACH YEAR!


According to the Bureau of Justice, 1.4 Million Firearms were also stolen in the US

Cell Phones

According to the National Research Center, 3.1 Million Cell Phones were stolen in 2013, and 1.4 Million were lost in the US.

What Types of Property can be Registered?

Any property you own that contains a serial number can be registered. Our system does not limit what can be registered. Below are a few examples of what we would recommend you register.

Register Game Systems

Register Game Systems

Register Drones

Register Drones

Register Cameras

Register Cameras

Register Firearms

Register Firearms

Register Bicycles

Register Bicycles

Register Cell Phones & Computers

Register Cell Phones & Computers

What People Are Saying

  • I bought my daughter a new iPhone and she lost it at school. The iPhone was turned in to a Kiosk at the mall that buys used phones. Because I had registered it and changed the status to Lost, when the police department checked the serial numbers they were able to recover it.

    Brad Wilkerson
    Brad Wilkerson Cell phone owner
  • My bicycle was stolen but thankfully I had registered it. An officer in a nearby town found my bike abandoned on a trail and checked the serial number. I got my bike returned to me within 2 weeks of it getting stolen. It saved me a couple hundred dollars not having to buy a new bicycle.

    David Martinez
    David Martinez Bicycle owner
  • Any time I buy a new piece of gear I register the serial number. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that if it ever got lost or stolen I have all the details I can access quickly in case I need to make a report or file a claim with my insurance company.

    Shannon Warner
    Shannon Warner Tech enthusiast
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